Tours around:

Pakbeng would be an excellent start to discover the authentic Lao country.
We rather say that, Pakeng is a sort of island in a middle of the jungle sea. Located on the border of the Golden triangle, this little town is in the center of a really wild area.
We propose, via local operators, to organize trips around our town,
There are side seeking:

  • Elephant riding, opposite Mekong bank
  • Trekking, around Pakbeng
  • Visit the khamtan cave, from Pakbeng over land 11 km and 06 km by boat Mekong up stream.
  • 03 Ethnic minority traditional village saysana , from pakbeng to 20Km
  • 1,000 years natural tea forest, from Pakbeng to 26Km
  • Ban khor kro temple over 400 years in Pakbeng
  • or simply visiting our spectacular point of view.

Please feel free to contact us about your quarries.